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After you query your active list, if you place an X in the last column "Confirm (x)", and then click that button, it will create an entry in the product master table for that active listing you have.
Let me know if you need further explanation.
I'd like to understand what this button means as  it is not doing anything that I can see.
Scott, you are the man! As usual, you saved the day for me! I knew I hit something, and you were right! Now to go delete those charts. Thanks again Scott!!
Im not sure what I did but I accidentally replied directly in your message (some kind of admin thing...).
I removed it and will paste down here:

The Chart Title sounds like you hit the F11 key; in excel that key will make a new worksheet with a blank chart if you hit it with no data selected.  If you dont see the worksheet tabs because you are in the Full Screen mode, you can hit CTRL+Page UP and CTRL+Page Down to cycle through the worksheets.  Cycle to a sheet that has the full screen button at the top right, click it, and it will show the tab names, and you can right click and delete the new tab that was created in error.
Technical Support / Any OneDrive and Excel experts out there?
« Last post by Suavepenguin on May 13, 2024, 12:21:02 pm »
I need help ASAP with both Excel and OneDrive. Apparently my Excel was NOT Autosaving the MyCostPro worksheets since 4/10/2024, even though it was set to do so. It looks like the local file was corrupted, and I lost all data since 4/10/2024. So, if I try to open MyCostPro from the icon on my desktop, it just does crazy stuff and locks up. I have to open Excel via the "All Apps" tab in Windows, and pick the MyCostPro worksheet saved on OneDrive, which is mostly up to date again. I need to figure out what happened and make sure my data is being saved, I can't go through this again. I'm willing to pay for your time.
At this point, I can only open MyCostPro worksheet by starting Excel through Applications in Windows, then opening the version of MyCostPro stored on Onedrive. In otherwords, trying to open the worksheet from the Desktop icon gives me this error. I really can't have this happening, Scott can you help me out here? Thanks! I have rebuilt MOST of the file data, another hour it should be mostly there (lost 34 days worth of Inventory source/purchase dates, and I have 34 days worth of sold inventory still in my product master, and all Mileage and Expense records for the last 34 days are gone).
And now, after manually restoring as much as possible, I open it up again, but I get a big screen that says "Chart Title", a bunch of colored boxes, and a message box saying "Microsoft Visual Basic" "Run-time error '1004':

Unable to set the DisplayHeadings propert of the Window Class

I need some help here.
My copy of MyCostPro freaked out this morning, I must have bumped something, it got stuck in some weird spot, I was able to get it going with data from 4/10/2024, I don't see more current versions in OneDrive. I do auto saves, I should see more recent versions. I am potentially screwed here, I don't have paper docs to rebuild this....
This is a complicated question to answer, but thank you for the opportunity to address this.
Ebay offers many different APIs for developers to access, each of which allow very specific information to be returned.

Currently only the eBay 'Fulfillment' API allows a query duration of greater than 90 days. 
However, MyCostPro gathers most of the data critical to seller-bookeeping from various other APIs that currently do not allow a query duration of greater than 90 days.

Going forward, we are continuously following the progress that eBay makes on API updates and will continue to add additional functionality to MyCostPro as it is made available through the eBay APIs.

Thanks again for the great question.
I am looking to start a new spreadsheet for 2024. Ebay now allows recall of up to 2 years of sales (in past I know was 90 days), I input 150 days in the "call duration" box and reset, but only got the last 90 days downloaded onto the new spreadsheet. Is the 90 days a spreadsheet limitation, or is ebay only allowing 90 days of downloading, while you can view 2 years on ebay? If possible can you adjust to two years of call duration? This may be a sales opportunity for you, for people that need your spreadsheet, they can get their full current year of sales, and all of last years sales as well.

Please advise, thank you.
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