Author Topic: MyCostPro now receives Managed Payment Fees  (Read 12796 times)


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MyCostPro now receives Managed Payment Fees
« on: October 06, 2019, 10:18:59 am »
We are pleased to announce, that effective immediately, eBay Managed Payments will be available with the rest of your data and seamlessly integrated into the "Paypal Fee" column.
For PayPal users that have not yet made the switch, rest assured this will in no way affect your data, it will continue as always getting the Paypal fees.

As this update was made to our servers, users will not need to download a new MyCostPro file
Note: Future downloads will see the "Paypal Fee" column header renamed to "Payment Fee" to more accurately describe it's contents.

If you would like to get missing Managed Payment data for up to the past 90 days simply follow the steps outlined below.
Please save first if you are not familiar with using excel, and if you need help don't hesitate to contact me at

Note:  By design, MyCostPro will not overwrite values that are already in the Sold Item tab.  This includes "0".

Step 1 (Delete the zeros currently if there are any in the paypal fee section from when you started Managed Payments)
  -Starting with the first sold item's paypal fee, (which you can tell because it will be "0")
  -Left click and drag to select all of the fees which have "0"
  -Hit the Del (delete) key on the keyboard  -OR- Right click and select "Clear Contents"  (Do not select "Delete..." from the list!)

Step 2 (Update your previous sales to get the Managed Payment Fees)
  -On the Account Info tab change the number of days to go back far enough for these sales.
  -Click the "Apply Duration" button
  -Re run your Sold Item download