Author Topic: Important Announcement - 9/15/19 - Please Read!  (Read 15111 times)


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Important Announcement - 9/15/19 - Please Read!
« on: September 15, 2019, 01:15:11 pm »
Changes to the newest version of the eBay API have resulted in their key ID field (the value we use to distinguish each transaction as unique) to change formats.  For the most part this will be transparent to you except in the specific following situation:

1. If you have sold a combined checkout item (non combined checkout items are not affected) that you have already downloaded to your MyCostPro file prior to 9/15/19 (now)
2. If you reset your download duration and download that time period again
If you do 1 and 2, the combined checkout items will create duplicate entries because their unique ID has changed, so MyCostPro will think it is a new unique sale.

This will not be an issue going forward, only if you are re-downloading a previous combined checkout sale that was downloaded prior to today.  Re-downloading future combined checkout sales will have no issue.

In the mean time, if you have a duplicated sale:
1. Click the FULL SCREEN button to display the row numbering.
2. Right click on the row numbers that you want to delete (delete the older entry to prevent it from duplicating again) and select Delete from the list.
If this is not clear to you feel free to contact me for support -