Author Topic: Listing Date now returns for sold items and new MCP file available 11/9/2019  (Read 16044 times)


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Today we released an update that will fill in the Listing Dates on the sold item tab.  (As requested in the "Feature Request" section of the forum)
This change is live now, and will work in your existing file, but please note the following:

* The "Listing Date" (column G) is hidden by default. 
* The default formatting of the column is set to "Generic", so the formatting doesn't "look" like a date (but it is)

If you want to see Listing Date we have a new version of the sheet available to download that takes care of everything, or if you want to keep your existing file simply follow the steps below.

To hide/unhide columns on sold item tab
 - Click the "Click Layout assist:" button so that it reads ":ON"
 - Click the double triangle above the vertical column bookmark for "Listing"  (scroll all the way to the left of the sold item tab to find this)
 - Delete the "h" above "Listing Date" and any other columns that you want to be displayed by default, add an "h" to hide any
 - Click the double triangle above the "Listing" column bookmark again (to toggle hide)
 - Click to turn "Click Layout Assist:" button back to "OFF" (leave this off whenever not in use)

To Change the formatting to display as a date
 - Click the FULL SCREEN button (this will display the standard excel ribbon bar menu).
 - Right click column G column header (right click on the "G")
 - Select "format cells..." from the drop down
 - Select Date format and select which one you like from that list
 - Click the FULL SCREEN button again to maximize your MyCostPro display area
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