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column headers
« on: October 12, 2019, 03:37:10 pm »
Looking for some help please.  I must have inadvertently deleted the last column header in the expense section.  Can someone help me out?  It is the purple section.  I can see the heade:rs for:
Final Value Fee
Insertion Fee
Upgrade Fee

The last column has no heading but I am paying fees.  I am wondering if this is the promoted listing fee column, but if it is what is the upgrade fees column for? 

Thanks much!


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Re: column headers
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2019, 06:13:17 pm »
The current version of MyCostPro calls it "Paypal fee."  We are about to update it to read "Payment Processing Fee" or something to make it more generic. If you have opted into eBay's new manages payments program, it's their Adyen processing fee. For everyone else, it's the fee paid to PayPal for payment processing. Upgrade fee is the promoted listing fee, and various listing upgrades such as bold text, picture pack, etc.  Hope this helps!

edit (scott): added a few more examples of Upgrade Fees
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