Author Topic: Quantity price bug - fixed and live! 4/14/2017  (Read 15319 times)


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Quantity price bug - fixed and live! 4/14/2017
« on: April 14, 2017, 09:50:29 am »
Anybody that sold multiple quantity (of the same item, in the same sale) from 3/31/2017 ~ 4/13/2017 please check the selling price.  During this time it was returning the price of a single item instead of the combined total of all of the items.

You will be able to tell which rows might be affected by looking at the Quantity row (any that are above 1.)

The fix is done on the server-side, so there is no new spreadsheet download needed.
To correct the price if it affected you, please choose whichever method you find the most convenient (See below).

Please SAVE your sheet before trying either method.

Method 1 (manual fix, best if you have just a few and know the correct price):  Simply click in the affected cell and type in the new corrected price.

Method 2 (semi-automated, best if you don't know the correct price):  Delete the affected prices by clicking the cell and hitting the delete key.  Then set the number of days back to cover that time period on the Account Info tab (back to the affected sale) and then re-run the sold query.  NOTE:  MyCostPro will update any cells that are blank from previous sales, but it will not update cells that are currently filled in (this is by design).

Thank you to the users that alerted us, sorry for the trouble, and please contact me here or at if you have any further trouble.
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