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MyCostPro Is Awesome!
« on: April 01, 2017, 07:43:58 am »
A while ago I found Scott and his MyCost spreadsheets when searching ebay for a tracking tool to help manage selling on ebay.  I was specifically looking for 2 features and I sent him a message. One of the features I sought was to be able to add expenses outside of ebay and PayPal to a tool so I could track my true expenses and profits.  It has always frustrated me that what ebay calls "Selling Costs" in seller hub don't include or allow the ability to include the many other expenses ebay sellers incur yet ebay uses these partial expenses to show us what they call our "Net Sales". This gives sellers the impression that their profits are higher and expenses are lower.  The reality is that our true expenses include the actual cost of the items we list and sell, other shipping expenses, packing/shipping supply costs, travel expenses to source or take take items to shipping carriers and many other expenses depending on what and how we sell. Back when I contacted Scott he told me that I could add my expenses manually which I liked.  The second feature I was looking for in a tool was it's ability to automatically pull data from ebay to eliminate the time it takes to manually enter data. This was not a feature that was available with MyCost. Fast forward to 2017 and the introduction of MyCostPro, wow!  It offers so much more than everything I wanted in a tool!  We have at our fingertips our customers information, sales and shipping data without having to enter a thing.  We can customize our expenses by adding them and with the expense data pulled from ebay our true and accurate expenses and profits are calculated automatically and shown.  We can create custom profit and loss reports.  This in turn allows us the ability to see sales trends and focus on the things we sell that are more profitable and change or stop selling those that aren't.   To sum it up MyCostPro can give us a true depiction of how our business is doing.  The greatness does not stop there though!  How about one click to view all our active listings and the ability to change our inventory and prices on the fly.  All this is done without ever having to log into ebay!

Scott and Hunter have created a fantastic tool with MyCostPro and I can't wait to see the improvements they add going forward!

Let's Spread The Word!

Thanks Guys