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I'm sure you guys have all gone thru this but let me try to get caught up to speed.
1. 2018 new year, do i download a brand new 2018 mycostpro and archive my old one?  I read something about a new page, does that mean keep my old one open and open a new tab?  If so how?  I'd perfer to start new with only 2018 sales and data.
2. I am not sure if it's a possibility or maybe someone has or knows of an easier way, i get that on the soldlist their a place to enter how much you purchased the item for, but for me this seems backwards and not forward thinking.  and maybe another tab is easier to do like the product master, but my problem is this every item i buy is 1 time sale item not a bulk item that i have thousands of items of the same item.  So when i list an item i use this as a reference number for everything the item ID is the key for me on each item and i put this ID on the pics associated with the item on my PC.  In my crazy mind to me a row in the active item list in front of the item number i'd like to have this row specific for the actual purchase price.  If not it is really hard for me to reference another page when determining how much to drop the price to be more competitive or to try to move an item faster.  Because if the items actual purchase price isn't on the same page as the active list then it takes me too long to determine what sale price to drop the item so i know if i'm going to make money or lose money on the sale.  Once sold it's too late to make this determination and at that point i'm just plugging in numbers after the sale is complete hoping i make money.  I'd rather know on the active page not after it's sold.

Rather than question 2 i love the product just wish it was more integrated on the active page and not on some obscure product master page that really doesn't work for users with 1 time sales items and  not bulk items.

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