Author Topic: Happy New Year 2024! Getting started with the year and upcoming plans  (Read 15613 times)


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Happy New Year!
Congratulations on a successful year of selling, and best of luck for this new year.

In this post, I will go over a few points for the new customers that joined us last year, and then I will share our immediate plans and some future roadmap items.

To get started in 2024, please note that MyCostPro is not tied to a specific year. 
You do not need to download a new file to continue to gather your selling information.

I do recommend saving a backup file containing your 2023, just in case anything happens.  One way would be to email the file to yourself; then it will be in the cloud for you to retrieve for as long as you have that email account.

If you prefer to have a clean new file each year, that is fine too!  You can save your current file as its own file name:

-Click the black FULL SCREEN button near the top right, that will display the ribbon bar. 
-Select File->Save As... and rename the file MyCostPro2023.xlsm (or whatever you choose).

Then navigate here to get a new copy for your new year's sales:
When you first open the program:
-Input your existing (same as before) download key
-Go to the Account Info / Settings tab
-Set your UTC offset to synchronize the ebay sales to your timezone
-Change the number of days to 1, 2, etc. to go back to the beginning of the year
-Download your sales
-Check to see if any sales are included from the previous year that you don't want to include
-If there are some, click the black FULL SCREEN button so that the row numbering is displayed
-Right click the row number of the transaction from the previous year, and select delete... this method safely deletes the entire transaction.

If you have any problems, don't hesitate to post them here or email me at
I prefer questions to be asked here, so they can potentially help other users by seeing the answer.  However, you can always email me directly.

OK, now I will get into our current plans.

We have been working on an update, and when it is a bit closer to being released, I will make a new post about it.  I think everyone will like the new content.
I don't want to over-promise on it, but the intention is to streamline a few things and make data that you want to see more immediately accessible.  Let's call this the "Dashboard" update.

When the Dashboard update is close to being finished, I will send copies to the users who have expressed interest in being beta testers.

-Email me with the subject: Beta tester volunteer   if you want to be included in this or future beta tests at

After getting feedback from beta testers for a short period, we will make some final changes and then make the new version available for general download.
NOTE:  This update will require the Excel 365 app on Windows.  If you don't have 365 (which you should consider getting it because it has lots of feature improvements) don't worry - your existing MyCostPro will continue to function in the previous version of excel.

The next roadmap item after the Dashboard update is to reprogram the internal code of the MyCostPro program.  This will sort of be like an engine tune-up; it will make future improvements much quicker to implement, and it should improve the overall speed and responsiveness of the program.
In this phase (based on customer feedback), it may be possible to reintegrate the non-365 compatibility, but we need to hear from you all if that is something which is important to you.

As always, we are also continuously making updates to our servers which grants us the flexibility and adaptability to follow along with the living, ever-changing ebay API...transparent to you users!  If there are any server changes we make that we think may impact anyone, we will post it to the MOTD and the FORUM version history page.

This post is getting a bit long, so I'll wrap it up here...happy new year once again!
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