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2024 Suggestions
« on: November 16, 2023, 01:49:53 pm »
I really like the spreadsheet and I have now begun to benefit with the multi year data being easily available.

Would it be possible to create a graph/image that shows multiple years or months from previous years. In much the way you have the analysis set up - could one look at November for example - going back 3 years - same for total year.

Also,would it be possible to create information tied to sales such as Avg Selling Price (  1 day / 7 day/ 30 day/ 1 year) ?

as well as average net Income ( 1 day /7 day/30 day/1 year).

And while I am giving you work to do - would it be possible to allow for an exchange rate to be added into the input .  Eg input $10.00 converts to $10.00 * exchange rate.  I could really use this on Shipping and cost of goods.

Thanks very much

Looking forward to 2024 and the new version.