Author Topic: New version released (fix) - 1/23/23 - v.20230123.1  (Read 16578 times)


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New version released (fix) - 1/23/23 - v.20230123.1
« on: January 23, 2023, 10:26:50 pm »
When I released the last update there was a mixup where I was updating a slightly out of date version, so some of the updates from the previous release were "undone".
This is resolved and available for download now:
 - P&L reports updated to include all relevant fees (again) including ad fees, etc.
 - Version note added back to top right of homepage above our logo.
New Feature added this version as well:
 - Option for commission client sliding rate to be calculated on "Incremental" or "Highest Rate".  Incremental pays each rate as it progresses in price (recommended), Highest Rate charges a flat rate at the selling price level.