Author Topic: New version released (performance improvement) - 1/15/23 - v.20230115.1  (Read 10215 times)


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Some users were experiencing performance issues (program wide) related with the ACTIVE X drop down boxes that were on the report tabs (to select month and year for reporting).
They were replaced with standard excel data validation lists, the down side being that two of the reports need to hit a button after selecting the year, but even for users who hadn't noticed, this should significantly improve performance.  The new file is NOW LIVE for download:

Download with your download key and user ID at:

MyCostPro  (New file needs to be downloaded for new features)
 *  ACTIVE X drop down menus for Year and Month on reporting tabs replaced
    - Potentially significant performance improvement sheet wide if you are experiencing unexpected slowdown.
 *  Added MyCostPro version to "note" above the MyCostPro logo on the Home Tab. (hover over red triangle to view)

Server and API changes (New MyCostPro file not required.)
 * Added support for eBay Standard Envelope cost and tracking
 * Added tracking to International Shipping that was not previously available.  (API note, some international shipping costs are still not provided through the current APIs)
 * Added logic to adjust Refund and Partial Refund FVF amounts when it is not being properly returned from API.
 * Corrected Active Item Variation Quantities and BIN price when it was repeating value from initial Listing.

Let me know if you have any questions, thank you!
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