Author Topic: Not downloading auction sale  (Read 455 times)


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Not downloading auction sale
« on: January 13, 2023, 10:51:48 pm »
I sold an item via Auction and it did not populate when I click "Download Sales from eBay" in the Sold List. All other BIN's downloaded. Thanks, Chris


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Re: Not downloading auction sale
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2023, 08:41:01 am »
Please double check that the auction was paid for; it will not populate until payment.
If you already downloaded that time-frame before the payment you may need to reset the download duration to re-check for that sale after the payment is made.

On the account info tab, change the number of days to go back to that sale (up to 90), click the 'reset duration' button, and then re download the sales.

Let me know if that doesnt do the trick and I ill investigate further -