Author Topic: Question on Adding a 2nd ebay store  (Read 2504 times)


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Question on Adding a 2nd ebay store
« on: July 01, 2020, 03:38:20 pm »
Hi, I want to add another ebay store to the sheet. and I'm a rookie, don't know what I'm doing yet. I went through the steps, but the amount in the paypal payment page was the base cost plus the add-on store ($99.98). I paid the base cost on 12.28.19, is there a way to pro-rate the add-on of the 2nd store to line up with my original renewal date? Or if my renewal date resets to now, do you refund the prorated amount from my pre-payment on 12.28.19?
by the way, that's for annual payments, not monthly.
thanks - Lou


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Re: Question on Adding a 2nd ebay store
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2020, 04:20:13 pm »
Sure, can you email me at with your paypal email address and I will get it sorted out for you.