Author Topic: Reloading Sold Items on Sold Item List, that were downloaded prematurely?  (Read 1129 times)


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Last night I updated my Sold Items list before I had purchased shipping. This morning after preparing and paying for shipping, I went into MCP and went to Sold Items List and did a Download Sales from Ebay, and the items I had downloaded last night did not update with Tracking Number, or shipping fees. I then put the SS into Full Screen Mode and deleted the two item line rows that I am trying to update. I then clicked on Download Sales from Ebay, and nothing appeared for the item lines I had deleted.

How does one update Sold Items, besides manually entering data, that have been downloaded prior to purchasing postage?

thank you


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You should be able to go into the sheet settings and manually set the eBay call duration. It defaults to just get all sales information from your previous download, but if you back it up a day or two (to whenever the item originally sold), the item will be re-downloaded with the shipping information included. See #3 on the faq for the how-to and an animated gif.  Feel free to let us know if you need more help!