Author Topic: Memorial Day update released! -5/25/20- New version available for download now!  (Read 13151 times)


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MyCostPro Memorial Day update (5/25/2020) - Live now

 * Button added to Active Listing page to send specified Active listing items to the Product Master tab (See tutorial below)
    - Place an X in each row you want to send to the Product Master tab, click the button to send them

 * Overall streamlining of internal calculations, especially changes to the widget calculations
    - Should improve speed during navigation on very large MyCostPro files

 * Default settings added in the Account Info / Settings tab
    - Full Screen OFF will prevent automatically entering Full Screen mode when MyCostPro starts
       (Full Screen mode hides ribbon bar, and column and row labeling to make more visible room for your eBay data)
    - Currency setting will update the whole sheet to various currency symbols, or remove them.  Click the apply button after selection...
    - Widget calculation mode can be set to auto, or on-click only.  (On click mode will prevent calculating the widgets until the refresh button is hit to prevent excessive calculations in the background)

 * Reporting improvements
    - 12 month Total added to yearly report chart
    - New widget drop down selections added for 'yesterday' and '7 days'

* Click-Layout-Assist button will default to OFF upon re-opening MyCostPro file
    - This mode being ON can negatively impact performance as well as clip-board functionality, and should only be turned on to quickly change your page layout, and then back OFF.

To download the update just put your userID and download key in at:

Post here if you have any questions about the update!