Author Topic: New version released - 2/11/18 - Available now!  (Read 11824 times)


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New version released - 2/11/18 - Available now!
« on: February 11, 2018, 03:22:21 pm »

 * Multiple eBay Accounts now supported in MyCostPro!
    - Update multiple accounts to a single sheet.  Sort to separate by store, or sort to combine each store sorted by date
    - Interested customers: check out our multiple (up to 3) eBay account discounted prices we now have available
 * All columns in Sold Item, Active Item, Unsold Item, and Product Master tabs are now fully sortable
    - Just click any cell in any column that you want to sort, and click the up or down sorting buttons at the top of the screen
 * UTC Timezone offset (adjust eBay's standard time to your local time zone)
    - On the Account Info tab, you can now put in your UTC timezone offset hours to adjust eBay's standard timezone to match your own timezone
 * You can now update your Active Listing's SKU information in BULK in the active listing tab (not just item quantity and price anymore!).
    - Update up to 1,000 SKUs at a time (either adding SKUs or changing them) to your active listings on eBay from the Active Listing tab.

To download the update just put your userID and download key in at:

Post here if you have any questions about the update!