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Directional Testimonial
« on: April 13, 2017, 01:55:10 pm »
We were looking for a way to make our "Modern Vintage Guitar" eBay store more efficient and easier to operate. 

First,  Communication with MYCOSTPRO is AAA+! 

Second, DO THE 14 DAY TRIAL!  We all have different needs based on how our eBay Stores and Listings are set up.  The Trial test run is a great way to be sure that MYCOSTPRO matches up with what you are trying to achieve. And believe me this program does way more than any others we have tried.

The downloads of Sold, Listed and Unsold items directly from eBay into an effective spreadsheet in itself is priceless. But Wait there is more!  This program has huge plus' of Sales Analysis Dashboard, Reports that help keep you guided and ready at tax time, Expense tracking and Customer capture and tracking.

In our case, we run complicated sets of listings, so it was necessary for us to take the time and re-think our Stock number system.  During the 1 month period between the Trial Period and signing up for MYCOSTPRO, we setup a new Stock # system and a way to Link it to our inventory using the "SKU" setting in both eBay and MYCOSTPRO.  This Ability provided only by MYCOSTPRO eliminated about 50% of our previous listing and inventory management actions.  It took a bit of effort to set up, but once it was set up, it's just a matter of maintenance.

If you are running an effective eBay business and are looking for a Truly "PRO" system at a very good price, MYCOSTPRO could be the answer!  Do the Free Trial, Test all the Features and decide for yourself.

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