Author Topic: New Version Release 1/7/2017 - Download it now!  (Read 14317 times)


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New Version Release 1/7/2017 - Download it now!
« on: January 07, 2017, 07:48:50 pm »
New version is available as of the time of this post (1/7/2017):
In this update:

 * Separated address fields into individual cells - old style "complete address" is still present (hidden by default in the customer section of sold list)
 * Added customer phone number
 * Added Sales Record Number
 * Sold list items will now be sorted properly after updating
 * Added feature to transfer old sheet data to new sheet
 ** Sold list, unsold list, product master, customer master, expense master will all transfer with new feature
 *** This requires the feature on both version of the sheet (old and new), so it will take effect on the next update
 * Fixed bug for Product Master not transferring to sold list if the Product Name was blank - (Incorrectly reported as fixed in last update, I apologize.)
 * Changed initial sold list call to 7 days.  This only affects the first time the sold list is run; each subsequent sold list call is from the time of the last call - until current time.
 ** User can change this to 90 days maximum to populate past data further back.

MyCost Server
 * Download server error "...incorrect user for download..." issue has been resolved
 ** Download the current version of MyCostPro at any time now and in the future with your download key and your user ID.

Coming soon...
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