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MyCostPro Reviews / Testimonials / 3 + Experience
« on: January 30, 2017, 07:48:28 am »
I am not much of a words person. But, I did want to drop my thoughts with using this excel over the years; in the hope it may benefit someone. Those familiar with using excel spreadsheets, undoubtedly may know the hours it takes behind the scenes to create something exceptional like this. I still remember the day I have spent countless hours trying to create my own excel to track my sales. It was nothing compared to ease of use to this. Now Scott has just brought to the next level, a real game changer with the MYCOSTPRO automatic. The spreadsheet looks amazing, looking forward to investing time to learn this after taxes. For now, I am using the manual version, which is great ! For the cost & full year of fast email support, it can't get any better !!! May you & your team excel in all your endeavors !


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