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Title: Need help with reports
Post by: 2southpaws on March 09, 2019, 09:59:28 am
I've been using MCP for over a year now. I sell primarily vintage items so my 99.9% of my inventory is unique items. I've typically been using MCP just to be able to see what my net profit is for each item.

I realized I'm missing out on a huge function your powerful software in not utilizing the P&L and analysis reports! I have now entered my expenses (exclusive of inventory purchases) on the Expenses tab. My typical expenses on that tab are my eBay store subscription monthly fee, office and shipping supply expenses, and other general business costs (like my monthly MCP fee).

When I started to look at the different reports I noticed that most of them aren't populating. On the P&L Statement and Annual P&L tabs, only February and March of 2019 appear to be working correctly. The rest of the months (from January 2019 back) are only pulling in the line items from the Expenses tab.

The Annual Analysis tab only pulls in "other fees" and "overhead expenses".

The Month Analysis tab appears to be working correctly for all months.

One question about the P&L Statement tab...I know that MCP doesn't pull in the eBay subscription fee info from my account, which is why I enter it manually in the Expenses tab (I'm assuming that's the correct way to do it?). Do I also need to enter my Top Rated Seller FVF Discount manually on each month's P&L Statement? Is there anything else I should be entering manually?

Scott, if you need more info from me (screenshots, etc) I'm happy to connect via email, but I did want to post my questions here so others who may have the same or similar questions could benefit from your advice. Thanks so much!!!

Title: Re: Need help with reports
Post by: Scott on March 09, 2019, 08:18:31 pm
I am glad to hear you are still getting good use out of MyCostPro!

You are correct: you need to enter the eBay subscription fee manually because this fee is not returned by eBay through the API.  And yes, also the top rated seller discount is actually a credit back to your account after-the-fact, so this is also not included in their transaction API data.
You have the right concept for the expense tab, you would enter all expenses that are not tied to an individual sale in that section. 

I would like to look at your file to see what the problem is with the report not populating from last year's months, can you send it to me at
Title: Re: Need help with reports
Post by: 2southpaws on March 10, 2019, 02:14:41 pm
Hi Scott,

Thanks for getting back to me. I'm glad to know I'm using the expenses tab correctly. I'll definitely go back and enter my top rated credits manually.

I appreciate you offering to take a look at my file to help diagnose the other issue. I'll email it over shortly.